Below are some of the contacts that we have made whose services we were impressed with, we hope they may be of assistance to you.

Make up:

Jana-Maree Makeup

ph: 0448 773 987

Facebook: Jana-Maree Beauty


Wedding Cars:

Belle Classic - John or Sue

ph: 0419 559 900 / 9279 9922


Justin O'Meara Smith

ph:0412 826 185


Highland Celebrations - Alastair Lyon

ph:0401 385 857


WOW Creations - Simone McKay

ph: 0407 361 6000



Wedding Singer :

Deb Edson

ph: 0439 974 086



Wedding Singer :

Tod Woodward - The Dinner Singer

ph: 0402 755 785




Hairdresser :

Peter Best - Creative Director

ph: 0414 559 574

Facebook: Best Head for Hair

A photograph father holding his daughters arm before they walk down the aisle. Special moments between a bride and her father.

Every wedding is unique, let Warnock Imagery capture your story.

Moments in time: From eager preparations, the first steps down the aisle, the first kiss as husband and wife and the joyful celebration with family & friends, let our cameras preserve these precious moments to tell your unique story.

Contact Info

0422 187 590